Easily transform an ordinary garage door into an extraordinary work of art...

The idea is simple, take a boring, static garage door, and create something appealing, interesting, daring, or down right crazy!  Make your garage, and home a statement of your own!Outdoor Mural Art garage murals are fun!
Outdoor Mural Art garage door artwork ships as a kit, with almost everything you need to easily transform your garage door in a few hours.

Our murals attach to garage doors just like wallpaper except we utilize a process which is specifically formulated for outdoor surfaces, weather durable and permanent.

With proper installation and care, Outdoor Mural Art garage door artwork will add fun and beauty to your home, and last for years!
A unique garage painting turns into a great business idea and mission!

It all started when passersby began stopping, looking, and sometimes even knocking on the door to ask about the dairy barn image my wife Lucy had painted on one of our garage doors.

Outdoor Mural Art garage murals are fun!

After several of these inquiries and compliments, Lucy had a revelation:

"...A light bulb went on...I wonder if we could reproduce this, so it could be put on lots of garage doors?..."

After almost two years of intensive research, Outdoor Mural Art was launched!
Create your own Mural...
Imagine having your favorite scene right on your garage
door!  Maybe it’s a photo, or a symbol of your sports, passion or hobby.  Send us your own photograph or digital image. We’ll transform it into a mural you can apply on your garage door or other suitable outdoor surface. It’s fun! Our graphics experts will work with you to make it look just the way you want.
Choose from our selection of original artwork, and contemporary designs. Our graphics team are developing a wide range of exciting and interesting designs under several popular categories such as Nature, Art, Sports, Landscapes, Patriotic and many others.
Click here  now to browse our complete selection in our online catalog. Check back regularly to view our latest designs.
...or choose one of our Designs.
Don't replace your old worn out garage door, Revive it with our Faux Wood garage murals !
Add new life and value to your home with our easy to apply  Faux Wood garage murals. Choose from a selection of classic real wood designs, and add some class and style to your home.
Our  Faux Wood kits quickly freshen up tired old metal and paint, adding a classy and distinctive finishing touch to the look of your garage and home, for a fraction of the cost of installing real wood.
All of our garage murals are quality manufactured in the U.S.A and feature:
  • Original & Custom designs
  • Fast & simple self installation
  • Permanence & resilience
  • Prompt friendly service
  • Easy ordering and fast shipping
  • They’re affordable and fun !
Our mission is to convert all nondescript garage doors around the developed world into unique attractive scenes that will bring people joy, inspiration and allow individuals a personal statement of which they can be proud.
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